Yea so I know it’s a little late but bare with me. For this post I bring you the second part of my April Fools Series of pranks/April Foolishness. This time around I prank a co-worker of mine who I have hanging with one night. A couple of my co-workers were staying at another co-workers house partying, drinking, and shaking our respective tailfeathers. Well most if not all of us decided that we would sleep over for the night, thus said gathering turned into a slumber party of sorts….As per slumber party rules aside from pillow fights, ice cream, and gossiping, the first person to fall asleep is the person who must suffer punishment for their lack of staying awake skills…Unfortunately for my friend, he became the second part of my April Fool’s Day prank…so here you go.

Let me briefly explain the after effects of my prank. The prankette woke up and attempted to wash the tooth paste off of his beard and hair…As we all know, when on adds water to toothpaste and applies friction, it begins to foams…This was the result. My friend had a head and beard full of foamy toothpaste. Another characteristic of toothpaste is that when it dries, it stains, with white spots…When ma dude woke up the next day it looked as if he had cum stains on his shirt and pants….ahhh good times