Hello gentlemen and gentlewomen, this marks my 10th post on this here blog…a milestone appropriately honored by the news of el day. Seeing as EVERYONE is doing it, I figured I might as well too being that I don’t respond well to peer pressure… I am going to talk about Osama bin Laden’s demise, but I warn you, if you want you share of share of seriousness regarding the subject, here is a link with all the updates so you can get caught up courtesy of CNN (I think that stands for Cool News Niggas…): http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/02/obama-to-make-statment-tonight-subject-unknown/

That was your share of Osama seriousness, from here on out, we’ll be chillen and enjoying the humor of the world as they respond to the dead of one of the most notorious terrorists who also had one of the most epic beards in world history…Osama bin Ladizzle… Last night while watching CNN, I was also browsing Facebook as all us busy college students do when we should be immersed in educational bliss….*ahem*…yea….so I stumbled upon a few lil gems regarding our man Osama that I figured I share with you bloggers and bloggerettes.

Gem #1

Facebooker James: “He [referring to Osama bin Laden for the slow ones who decided to skip my earlier typing and get to the goods so that they could have something to say about the post and get a much needed comment on your classmate’s wall] lived a full life. Shot videos. Went YouTube platinum. Had 70 virgins. He did it his way.

Gem #2

Facebooker Daniela: “Damn there’s an Osama is Dead FB page already lmao”–updated 5 mins after Obama’s speech first airs

Gem #3

Facebooker Oscar: “Fuck that…someone call up Obama n ask him where Waldo is”

Gem# 4

Facebooker Jamaal: “How they got a V.I.P. section at the “Osama is Dead” Party on 42nd st?”

Gem #5

Facebooker White Guy on Osama is Dead Wall: “I bet the line to piss on his grave will be preety fucking long.

Ah….Facebookers, how I love thees….yes I said “thees”…More gems in a bit blogging world!!!