So as most of you know, this was mainly a school project, although available for the world to see it they care that much. So straight to the point, this post is my last post here on this iteration of SmileJinzo.  To be honest, I did get to put a lot of effort into this blog and I didn’t really get to enjoy it cuz I saw it mostly as pain in the ass homework assignment. I tried to have fun but with the stress of the semester, just wasn’t gonna happen. So I will not be posting anymore on this here WordPress catastrophe. I also gotta admit that I felt restricted by the fact that this was technically an academic assignment. I couldn’t be the uncensored, vulgar, and sometimes offensive jokester that I really am. Maybe the word “couldnt” is a bit inaccurate…It’s not that I couldn’t, its more that I felt that I shouldn’t. Morals you say? No not really. More that I can get really crazy and I wasn’t sure that my university would permit it if they somehow found out from some snitching, overly sensitive student.

Wait… you did say “this iteration”? Wth do you mean you handsome man? Well let me divulge some tentative information…I do plan on starting a blog or website that in some capacity features comedy sketchs, posts, and/or standup. I had this plan before this blog was born. So I will be back in the viral atmosphere, just not here. So goodbye, farewell, thank you for putting up with my retarded humor and by all means….keep smiling.