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Random Health Center Bum

Yea…the other day I was the at my local health center to find out who my father really is….Well, not exactly. I was actually there to get medically cleared to start an internship at Jamaica Hospital. (That would be job #3 that I will be balancing this semester. Hooray for me -_-.) It just so happened that this random bumesque guy (he didn’t really look like a bum, he was really just a little loco. But I will say that it’s a good thing Flip HD cameras don’t pick up scent in HD….Ma dude smelt like roast horse fecal matter. You feel me?) decided to show up at the health center and entertain as I waited an unreasonable time for my doctor to show up. Check out the video and then procede to the next paragraph where I will actually get serious for once…

On a serious note, it is a common occurrence that we find crazy people on the train, streets, or wherever we may find them slightly entertaining, if not funny. When I think about myself in that regard, I often find that my initial reaction is to find humor in the situation. My question to my classmates and any browsers who may come across this site (see how I’m hooking my fellow Sociology of Media classmates up with an easy way to post on my blog…yea…you’re very welcome) is why is it that the mental state of those who clearly need help is so often overlooked by “normal” functioning members of society? The crazies, as we might refer to them as, are often the source of jokes and not necessarily taken seriously. As I admitted, even I’m guilty of it, so don’t be afraid to admit the same. Feel free to sound off bloggers and blogettes.


Sooooo… it’s been a hell of a long time since I made a post on this here blog and for that you all have my sincerest apologies, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Hopefully for the sake of this blog and my friggen grade, I can stick around. OK, let’s get down to business. The video I’m posting here gives you a little glance at the ray of sunshine that is Hazy. In this segment of Getting to Know Hazy, you will be given the extraordinary privelege of getting to see what I do at work. Unfortunately, the video highlights only a brief instance of my work experiences due to the fact that I have a bunch of pain in the ass managers. (Yes managers if you see this, I really did just call you pains in the perverbial ass. Why you ask? Well honestly…1. It’s because it’s true. Momma always says to tell the truth so that is what I is gonna do suckas. 2. It’s because I got scheduled for 15 hours this week which ain’t gonna pay the bills. And what if I had child support to pay like many young black males do? Uh newsflash managers….15 hours aint enough to buy young Tayshaun new Jordans!!) SORRY about that. Anyway. Here’s the deal, apparently I joke around a little too much at my place of employment so my video is relatively short, but I hope to show you guys more stuff from work in time. For now, enjoy.

So… this whole blog thing is homework for a class, hopefully I can make the best of it. I’m Greg, you all can call me Hazy. Now, I often get a lot shit from people about being called “Hazy”. Yes…my nickname really IS “Hazy”, but it has NOTHING TO DO WITH SMOKING MARIJUANA. I don’t smoke, which may be surprising to those of you who may know that I’m Jamaican…and black…and from the hood….and black…well…I guess now you all know….yeah… Anyway, my last name is Haynes, so “Hazy” was just a play on the name as a kid. Get it??? There ya go…theeere ya go.

Now, let me get to the good stuff aka the whole deal with this blog. On occasion, I’m slightly retarded which often happens to trigger laugher. I like making a fool of myself and making people smile so this blog is going to be about what I do to entertain myself and others as well as what some people in my life do to entertain themselves and others. (For those of you with dirty minds thinking about the whole “entertain myself thing”…you’re nasty AAAND grow the fuck up.) So…without further ado, let the randomness and stupidity on SmileJinzo begin…