On a random note (as if everything on this blog isn’t random), I stumbled upon a great discovery one day as I left Soc of Media and arrived at the plaza. There was a table promoting a little something called “The Vagina Monologues.” First off, let me just say that I had no idea what that is…only that it has to do with vaginas and therefore females. (I know know that it focuses on female empowerment with  the vagina as a segway into that theme…see that world…I can be smart….shoutz to ma Wikipedia editors for making that happen…) A few things came to my mind that stemmed from my lack of understanding for this monologue for vaginas so bare with me…1. Why are there no penis monologues, I’m sure if vaginas got something the say, penises sure do too….2. Vagina Monologues…implies that vaginas can talk…what if they could? They would be some bitches I’d tell you that much…3…What are they selling??

It is this last question that caught my intrigue and ultimately my support regardless of what the Vagina Monologues were. They selling…and I kid you not…chocolate vaginas…Vaginas…made of chocolate….Chocolate…shaped like vaginas. I’m sorry but how fucking cool is that!?!? Essentially…this wonderous discovery took up a good portion of my day, here’s a video clip of some of that time taken…